The Southwest Center for Accelerated Schools welcomes and congratulations the recipients of the TTIPS Cycle 2 grant to the Accelerated Schools Family:  Higgs, Carter King Gifted and Talented Charter Academy; Shekinah Radiance-Hope Campus; Shekinah Radiance-West Columbia.

New Grant Opportunity

None available at this time

The Southwest Center for Accelerated Schools “provides technical assistance including

  • assistance in analyzing student assessment data and other examples of student work to identify and address problems and solutions to instruction; implementation of parental involvement requirements, implementation of professional development requirements;
  • responsibilities of the campus and LEA under the SIP, strategies, and methods of instruction that are based on scientifically-based research and that have proven effective in addressing the specific instructional issues that caused the campus to be identified for school improvement.

Accelerated Schools can assist you in your planning stage and meets requirements in the implementation of the Turnaround, Restart and Transformation Models as your contracted service provider.