For more than 13 years, the Southwest Center for Accelerated Schools (SWCAS) has provided restructuring and reform assistance to thousands of educators and hundreds of schools across the state and nation. The Center has developed an organizational record of providing unmatched expertise in managing and coordinating services for the improvement of underperforming schools, particularly in areas pertaining to leadership, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and school culture and climate.

The Southwest Center for Accelerated Schools is a TEA Approved Service Provider. If your school has received a grant, please contact the Center at or call (512) 232-0700 for information about SWCAS’s individualized services.

The Southwest Center for Accelerated Schools “provides technical assistance including assistance in analyzing student assessment data and other examples of
student work to identify and address problems and solutions to instruction, implementation of the parental involvement requirements, implementation of the professional development requirements, and responsibilities of the campus and LEA under the CIP, strategies, and methods of instruction that are based on scientifically-based research and that have proven effective in addressing the specific instructional issues that caused the campus to be identified for school improvement.”

Strategic Planning

Provides systemic support to campuses in Texas in strategic planning for successful
implementation of the restart, closure, transformation and/or turnaround of the Texas Title I Priority Schools grant.  For more information click here..

Redesign and Restructuring

Services provided by the SWCAS meet all requirements of the Texas Secondary School Redesign & Restructuring and Texas Title I Priority Schools, including:

  • Providing a restructure and redesign process that is systemic to the school and the learning community.
  • Guiding the school to identify and correct deficiencies associated with unacceptable performance.
  • Providing intensive coaching and professional development activities to increase and optimize student performance across all demographics.
  • Providing resources to build a leadership capacity that includes stakeholders to implement innovative ideas and programs to benefit the learning community.

We understand the challenges underperforming schools confront. Our process will identify your challenge areas and guide your stakeholders to appropriate solutions.

In recognition of our model’s effectiveness, we have been the most frequently chosen technical assistance provider in Texas during the past eight years through four rounds of Comprehensive School Reform grant applications.

The Southwest Center will provide you with all the tools you need to successfully implement the Accelerated Schools Process, including on-site technical support and training. In addition, our UT Austin staff will be with you throughout the duration of the grant, and beyond. We will support and guide you, your faculty, and your stakeholders in creating a school that is fundamentally different from the school that entered the grant program.

Gifted and Talented Credit/TGAT

The SWCAS is authorized through the Texas Association of Gifted and Talented to offer GT credit for all Powerful Learning sessions.

Teacher Mentoring

Appropriate to school

“Proceeds may be used in general support of the College of Education.”